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A Hawaii federal judge blocked key portions of the Trump administration's revised travel ban. 

At a rally last night, Trump said U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, "part of the much-overturned Ninth Circuit court," blocked his "watered-down" executive order.

The second order, Trump said, "was tailored to the dictates of the Ninth Circuit's, in my opinion, flawed ruling."

"This is... an unprecedented judicial overreach. The law and the Constitution give the president the power to suspend immigration when he deems... it to be in the national interest," Trump said.

Parts of Trump's temporary travel ban, targeting six majority-Muslim countries, were also blocked by a Maryland federal judge 

On "Fox & Friends" today, Michelle Malkin denounced the judges who ruled against the order as "tyrants," calling the decisions "surreal."

Malkin argued that the commander-in-chief has the fundamental right to determine who comes into the country as a matter of national security. She questioned why Hawaii has standing in the case on the basis that "70 Middle-Easterners were not allowed to visit last year."

"That's it? There are American workers who do not have standing to sue because of harmful H1B (visa) policies and yet Hawaii can claim this," she explained.

Watch the interview above. 

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