At an evening rally in Tennessee, President Trump broke the "bad [and] sad" news that a Honolulu judge blocked the second iteration of his executive travel ban.

Trump said U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, "part of the much-overturned Ninth Circuit court," blocked his "watered-down" executive order.

The second order, Trump said, "was tailored to the dictates of the Ninth Circuit's, in my opinion, flawed ruling."

"This is... an unprecedented judicial overreach. The law and the Constitution give the president the power to suspend immigration when he deems... it to be in the national interest," Trump said.

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He then read from the statute under which the order was written.

"This ruling makes us look weak," Trump said. "We're going to fight this terrible ruling [and] take it as far as it needs to go, including the Supreme Court."

Trump said he is confident he will ultimately win the case if it makes it that far, adding that prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz agrees with that sentiment.

"The danger is clear, the law is clear, and the need for my executive order is clear," Trump said.

He again criticized the Ninth Circuit, calling many of their past rulings "terrible decisions."

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