In his Opening Monologue on Wednesday, Sean Hannity said MSNBC's televised release of a leaked portion of President Trump's 2005 tax return is the latest in a "corporate jihad" against the president.

"NBC's corporate jihad against President Donald Trump continues," Hannity said, adding that the network's news arm "hit a new low" with the story that aired on Tuesday evening.

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Host Rachel Maddow interviewed journalist David Cay Johnston, who had acquired part of Trump's 1040 tax form from that year.

Hannity said the report showed the mainstream media is "going to new extremes" in hopes of precipitating Trump's early departure from office.

He played a montage of reporters analyzing Trump in a negative way and said that "journalism is dead... in the ground, buried, with flowers on top."

Hannity added that the media's theories about Trump associates colluding with Russian interests continue to be proved baseless.

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