In an exclusive interview on "Special Report," Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) said Trump voters would feel the loss of ObamaCare more than most other Americans.

Schumer said that Democrats are "totally united" against ObamaCare repeal efforts.

He said residents of states that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump that also have Democratic senators would be hurt by the loss of ObamaCare.

"They're getting huge support for not repealing it," Schumer said of when the senators visit their home states.

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He said fixing the law is necessary, but that repealing it gives Congress nothing to "build on."

Regarding allegations that Trump or his campaign have ties to Russian interests, Schumer said he is not accusing the president of having such connections, but instead simply urging an investigation to commence.

He said "questionable actions," like the situation surrounding the departure of Gen. Michael Flynn, give credence to his call.

On the subject of Trump's unreleased tax returns, Schumer said the main question to be answered is what they could show over the past decade:

"Where is he getting this money from?" Schumer said of Trump's substantial wealth, considering the former businessman may or may not have some income from "Russian sources."

Bret Baier noted that the Schumer, previously Brooklyn congressman, has known Trump for many years.

He asked if he could work with the president, citing their shared hometown.

Schumer said Trump's demeanor has not changed, but that his ideology has drastically shifted to the right.

He added that if Trump offers an infrastructure or white-collar tax reform plan in writing, he will lead his Democrats to work with Republicans on those issues.

On NAFTA, he remarked that he is actually "closer to Trump" than former Presidents Obama and Bush, adding that he defied President Clinton in 1994 and voted against the trade deal.

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