On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson debated a Democratic congressman about the merits of a new webpage he created that delves into President Trump's alleged connections to Russia.

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said he hoped the United States will not have another Cold War-style conflict with Russia but that Trump's alleged ties to the country must be investigated.

Carlson pointed out that Swalwell's site includes a section named "Russia: Not Our Friend."

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"How far are we willing to go with this new Cold War you guys have started?" he asked.

Swalwell said he wanted to lay out "post-Cold War atrocities" like assisting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and downing a passenger jet in Ukraine.

"This is like having ties with a country with a vast number of human rights violations," Swalwell said.

Carlson asked whether Swalwell would consider holding other sometimes hostile nations like Saudi Arabia to the same standard.

"How do I know when a country is 'not our friend'?" Carlson asked.

"[Russia] is a country who attacked us in our last election," Swalwell said. "Trump has very deep ties."

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