Earlier this month, students at a Vermont liberal arts college protested a scheduled lecture by controversial sociologist Dr. Charles Murray.

The incident at Middlebury College eventually turned violent, with protesters shouting down Murray and even putting a professor in the hospital.

Faculty at the college have since spoken out and decried the attack on free speech.

Steve Doocy was joined on "Fox & Friends" this morning by Philip Hoxie, the student who invited Murray on campus.

Hoxie, a correspondent with Campus Reform, said that several hundred students attended the lecture, about half of whom were there to demonstrate against Murray.

He said about 20 or 30 minutes in, it became clear that things were escalating, so they moved Murray to a different room.

"I just don't think that that was very representative of the Middlebury community at all, because the majority of people actually support free speech," Hoxie said.

He said he believes that conservatives have a responsibility to bring people with different ideas to liberal college campuses.

"It contributes to learning," Hoxie said.

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