It was yet another combative briefing today between White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and the press corps. 

At one point, Peter Alexander of NBC News asked bluntly when the American people "can trust the president."

"When can we trust the president? When he says something is phony or when he says something is real?" Alexander asked. 

The two went back and forth on Trump's past criticism of unemployment numbers as being fraudulent. 

Alexander kept pressing Spicer on whether Trump's statements can be trusted "to be real," also referring to the wiretapping accusations against President Obama. 

"If he's not joking, of course," Spicer answered.

Alexander then asked whether Trump's claim of more than 3 million people voting illegally was a joke or real. 

"He still believes that," said Spicer.

Another reporter followed up a few minutes later, asking how Spicer can determine which of Trump's statements or tweets are "open to interpretation" and which ones "stand on their own."

Spicer said Trump's tweet last week about "wiretapping" was in reference to "surveillance overall" that was mentioned in news reports.

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