Hollywood actor Robert Davi is an outspoken conservative, and he has some advice for his conservative colleagues who are afraid to speak out: "Grow a pair."

in a Breitbart op-ed, Davi said he is concerned about the "fear and hatred" that's come out of Hollywood since President Trump was elected.

"The left in Hollywood are quick to flaunt their political allegiances. This provides them the ability to both grow in number and maintain their level of influence," Davi wrote. "Meanwhile, the right in Hollywood, for the most part, hide in the shadows and cower."

He said that Hollywood conservatives are intimidated into silence because they are attacked as "irrelevant" or "not A-list enough" if they make their thoughts on politics known.

Davi said that conservatives need to "come out in force" - in Hollywood and across the country - and look for areas of compromise and agreement with the left.

"The country is as divided as it has ever been, and it not because of President Donald Trump," Davi wrote. "To blame him is a lie and a commonly-used excuse. We in Hollywood can help pull this country together instead of breaking it apart any further. We owe that responsibility to our youth.

"My dear fellow Hollywood conservatives: Do we not as a minority deserve a place at the table? And my dear liberal progressive Hollywood elites: Are we not all Americans?"

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