Former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said Monday that if someone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, they should be indicted, or the issue should go away.

Buchanan, who also worked in the Nixon White House, said that after eight months of the Watergate scandal, seven people were indicted and jailed.

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However, after almost eight months since the election, no one in the Trump campaign or administration has been charged with a crime.

"Not a single indictment," Buchanan said. "If there's somebody that did something wrong in the Trump campaign-- did something illegal... then indict them or shut up."

Regarding leaked reports and intelligence that has been damaging to President Trump, Buchanan said that either the journalists are lying or the sources are violating their oaths.

"The sources are breaking... the law by leaking out falsehoods or things they don't know to damage the president of the United States," he said.

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