Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross joined "Sunday Morning Futures" for an exclusive interview discussing trade and commerce in the Trump administration.

He said one of the priorities is trade with Mexico and added the administration is currently studying the potential implementation of a border adjustable tax.

However, such a measure will take time.

"Anything to do with trade is infinitely complicated because one size doesn't fit all," Ross said.

Ross said jobs being moved to Mexico has hurt the American worker.

"There have been jobs exported and not just to lots of other countries as well," he said. "That balance needs to be restored a bit, and it needs to be made not just free trade but fair free trade."

He then discussed NAFTA and how his department is dealing with the anomalies that exist with it, mainly because the agreement is outdated.

Ross said the eventual purpose of trade reform will be to reduce the country's deficit while increasing total trade.

Watch Ross' full interview with Maria Bartiromo above.

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