Brexit leader and Fox News contributor Nigel Farage joined "Fox & Friends Weekend" to discuss his meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

This past week, WikiLeaks published a news release announcing a data dump of CIA documents.

"I did meet Mr. Assange this week and can I just say to those are out there who are becoming wildly conspiratorial, it was nothing like that," Farage said. "I was very curious to meet him. He's been holed up inside that building (Ecuadorian embassy in London) now for four and a half years."

Farage said he met Assange since the two "have a shared common interest and it's something called the European arrest warrant," which Farage said is a means by which European citizens can be extradited anywhere in the continent without the production of any evidence.

Farage, a supporter of President Donald Trump, cleared up any conspiracy theories tying his meeting with Assange to the Trump administration.

"Let me just assure everybody there is no giant conspiracy," he said. "I wasn't acting as a messenger or an emissary for anybody; this was purely a personal meeting."

Watch the full interview with Farage above.

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