In his opening monologue, Greg Gutfeld described President Donald Trump’s accomplishments in his first 50 days.

He said someone has nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize and then asked, "What took you people so long?"

Gutfeld mentioned the surging stock market, an increase in jobs and a decrease in illegal border crossings as some of Trump's major accomplishments so far.

"Seven new planets got discovered...I mean, the guy's amazing!" Gutfeld joked.

"So if anyone deserves the prize, it's Trump. He's already done more than Obama, yet Obama won it before he became president," Gutfeld said.

He said as the 45th president, Trump has a lot to measure up to and so far he's "not bad."

"The borders are more secure, job numbers are up, fuel pipelines are being built, failing infrastructure's being addressed. Who knew Putin would be such a good president?" Gutfeld concluded.

Watch the full monologue above.

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