White House Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn was a guest on "Fox News Sunday" for an exclusive interview in which he discussed President Donald Trump's vision for protecting the country.

Cohn said the previous administration under-invested in the military the past eight years.

"Unfortunately, we have no alternative but to reinvest in our military and make ourselves a military power once again," Cohn said.

Cohn said Trump met over the last several weeks with generals from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to talk about the military's preparedness. He said it has been disappointing to hear what these generals have had to say.

He said if funds are used to reinvest in the military, cuts need to be made elsewhere in order ensure a balanced budget without creating a further deficit.

"It's no different than every other family in America that has to make the tough decision," Cohn said. "When they need to spend money somewhere, they have to cut it from somewhere else. These are tough decisions, but the president has shown he is ready, willing and able to make these tough decisions."

Watch the full interview with Cohn above.

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