If President Donald Trump has taught us anything, it's that celebrities can successfully run for president.

So with that in mind, comedian and radio talk show host Joe Piscopo is eyeing a potential run for New Jersey governor in this year's upcoming election.

The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member joined "Fox & Friends Weekend" Saturday, saying he is close to joining the race, though he has not made any official announcements.

He said hitting the campaign trail with Trump has inspired him to consider a political run, especially seeing how Trump connected with the people.

Piscopo said the rancor in Washington is worse now than it's ever been in his lifetime.

"It's time to put all the rancor aside, and let's just have some peace," he said.

He said he doesn't think Republicans can win in New Jersey and is thus considering running as an independent candidate.

Watch the full interview with Piscopo above.

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