Dozens of students and staff members at the University of California-Los Angeles held a Town Hall meeting to push for the college to become a "sanctuary campus" for illegal immigrants.

A 15-point list of demands for school Chancellor Gene Block was read at the meeting, as the attendees expressed objection to President Trump's promise to crack down on sanctuary cities.

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"Sanctuary cities are important to drive out the Trump-Pence fascist regime," student Tala Deloria said, according to the school's Daily Bruin.

According to the list of demands, the attendees plan to press Block to shield records of undocumented students from ICE requests and urge him not to cooperate with federal authorities unless presented with a court order, KABC reported.

Several people criticized Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) for saying he would not classify Los Angeles as a sanctuary city.

Leaders from the Socialist Alternative movement and representatives of labor unions were also present at the event, the Bruin reported.

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