Judge Jeanine Pirro weighed in this morning - and didn't mince any words - on a gaffe by Samantha Bee's late night TBS show in which a brain cancer patient at CPAC was unwittingly made fun of for his "Nazi hair." 

Th man, 20-year-old student reporter Kyle Coddington, also talked to Fox & Friends this morning, lamenting the "inconsiderate" decision by Bee to call out people for their appearance.

Bee apologized on Twitter and later made a $1,000 donation to Coddington's GoFundMe page. 

"So what? She had to [apologize]!" Pirro stated emphatically, adding that some on the left "are not good people" and are constantly rushing to demonize those who support the president. 

Coddington was not at CPAC as a Trump supporter. He is a registered Democrat who was covering the annual gathering for a magazine.

The judge said the incident shows how some anti-Trump liberals "go over the top" in their criticism of President Trump and his supporters.

"Shame on them," said Pirro, arguing that the current situation is far more intense than the Tea Party's opposition to Barack Obama after his 2009 inauguration.

"This is the first time in our history that we have gotten to the point where the hate is so extreme that I worry for this country," she said.

Watch Judge Jeanine's appearance above and don't miss "Justice," this Saturday and Sunday at 9:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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