President Trump's economic agenda has "woken up the animal spirits" in the U.S., according to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co chairman and chief executive officer Jamie Dimon.

During an interview with Bloomberg TV, Dimon said Trump’s pro-growth agenda has reinvigorated business owners and consumers alike.

"[It] will be good for growth, good for jobs, good for Americans," Dimon said.

“Animal spirits” is a term coined by famed economist John Maynard Keynes to describe emotions and instincts that help bolster consumer confidence.

On "Your World" today, market watcher Larry Glazer said those "animal spirits" are absolutely necessary if we're going to get the economy booming again after the "slow-growth Obama years."

He said that a number of consumer sentiment and confidence indexes show that Americans are feeling better about the economy, and much of that can be attributed to President Trump.

"When you at the Election Day moving forward, there's no doubt sentiment has changed," Glazer said. "Businesses feel more optimistic about the future. And that's what you need for companies to commit capital."

Watch the clip above, and check out this report about Samsung moving 500 jobs from Mexico to the U.S.

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