A New Jersey Democrat is trying another legislative maneuver to force President Trump to release his tax returns after his previous effort was blocked last month, NJ Advance Media reported.

Using a parliamentary procedure, Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-Paterson) has forced the House Ways & Means Committee, on which he sits, to either entertain his request or allow him to bring a bill before the full House.

Trump refused to release his tax returns during the campaign, which is a custom of past candidates but not a requirement.

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Pascrell, 80, said last month that Trump's tax returns may or may not reflect ties between the former businessman and the Russians, calling his demand for the documents' release "protecting the integrity of our government."

He added that the tax returns would also reveal any potential conflicts of interest involving Trump Organization businesses and foreign governments.

Nodding to the tag line "where there's smoke, there's fire," Pascrell said "the smoke is billowing out of the White House right now."

"We need to act, and we have the power to act," he said, calling the situation "a smoldering pile of potential conflicts [that is] starting to flare-up."

Under Pascrell's new action, the Ways & Means Committee has two weeks to deliberate and vote on the measure.

Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) already rejected a previous attempt by Pascrell to force Trump to disclose his returns.

In Feburary, a resolution from Pascrell was rejected by the House along party lines.

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