A specialized FBI unit is on the case after the release to WikiLeaks of thousands of documents detailing the CIA’s cyberspying capabilities.

The mole-hunting operation is said to be focused on outside contractors working for the CIA, according to Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times reports that investigators are eyeing a "disaffected insider -- not a foreign government" for the massive leak of 9,000 technical documents.

It hasn't been ruled out, however, that the leak came from within the CIA, the report stated.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said he wants the FBI to look into a "disturbing" collaboration between Samsung and British intelligence to use televisions to spy on Americans. 

"The MI5 and Samsung [collaboration] is demonstrable. It's in the documents," said Napolitano, adding that the FBI needs to locate the mole, but also figure out who - including foreign governments - is spying on Americans unlawfully.

The document revealed CIA efforts to turn smartphones and Smart TV's into listening devices. Napolitano and other privacy advocates have long warned about this possibility. 

Napolitano said the latest WikiLeaks release is only about one-seventh of the trove that is expected to come out. 

Watch his full analysis above.

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