Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Special Report"  that leaked CIA documents show "conclusively" that the CIA has been spying on Americans.

"I don't think anybody on the intelligence committees takes seriously [the CIA's] denials," Napolitano said.

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Purported CIA documents released by WikiLeaks showed that the agency is able to conduct surveillance through technology like smart televisions and the like.

Napolitano said the documents show "conclusively and unambiguously that the CIA has been plying its tradecraft on Americans in the United States."

"We're one step away from totalitarianism when I'm in front of the microwave in my kitchen and they can hear what I'm talking about," he said.

Napolitano said he is pleased that we now know about the surveillance methods because Americans should know when a "violation of Constitutional liberties of this magnitude is going on."

"I don't buy the denials because my friends in the intelligence community don't buy the denials," he said.

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