Author David Horowitz said the apparent partisan actions of Democrats in the wake of allegations of Russian interference and wiretapping of Trump Tower is "a civil war situation."

Horowitz said Democrats have adopted the "slogan of... resistance" against Trump, and are being disingenuous regarding allegations of the wiretaps.

He said Trump Tower was absolutely wiretapped, but said the Obama administration's lack of "respect" for national security laws affected some of the legitimacy behind the alleged actions.

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"Hillary Clinton violated the Espionage Act [via her use of a] private server," Horowitz said. "There wasn't one Democrat who said 'this was a bridge too far'."

He said the apparent double standard is "not what an opposition party in a democracy does."

Laura Ingraham added that leaking of information about the purported wiretaps, among other damaging leaks, were likely made by Obama-era political appointees who stayed on the job after Trump was inaugurated.

She said one possible reason for the fact such federal positions have been slow to be filled anew is because the president's transition team encountered a shakeup in November.

Just after the election, Trump replaced then-Chairman Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) with Vice President Pence, to lead the team that researches and vets candidates for the many bureaucratic positions.

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