Charles Krauthammer reacted to President Trump's first month in office, saying there has been an uptick in confidence in Washington, but that we may not be "winning" enough yet-- borrowing the president's famous buzzword.

During the campaign, Trump said Americans would "get tired of winning" and have "so much winning" both domestically and globally when or if he was elected to the presidency.

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Krauthammer said there is indeed great confidence with Republicans in charge of both houses of Congress and the White House.

They will pass tax reform and cut back on excessive regulations, he said, but added that it is "premature to declare we have excessive winning."

Krauthammer noted that Trump supporters have pointed to the national deficit decreasing by $10 billion in Trump's first month, while it had increased by $20 billion in former President Barack Obama's first month.

He called the figures a "complete and total irrelevancy," saying that the number fluctuates by the hour.

"The early signs are nice, but are tenuous," he said of America's outlook.

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