In his Talking Points Memo on Thursday, Bill O'Reilly laid out exactly what the federal government owes its citizens.

O'Reilly said the topic has recently become muddied, in-part because of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and others who hold a philosophy of wide-ranging government aid to the individual.

"There is great confusion about rights and what the government really owes us," O'Reilly said.

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He said Americans should have three major expectations of their government: security, an affordable medical system and fair access to the marketplace.

O'Reilly said that due to hackers and leaks, America's security is "wobbling" and that cybersecurity threats are "almost out of control."

That security, he said, is America's most important issue, followed closely by health care.

Americans are entitled to an affordable health care system, O'Reilly said, marked by financial affordability, direct access to physicians of one's choice, and protection from chaotic "red tape" and delays.

He also said Americans should have reasonable access to the marketplace, with sensible guidelines to protect buyers and sellers of goods.

"Bernie Sanders' philosophy of being shepherded through life is not what America is all about," he noted.

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