Fashion designer Tory Burch was a guest on "America's Newsroom" Wednesday talking about International Women's Day and her new campaign, "Embrace Ambition."

The campaign, featuring celebrities and business leaders, pushes for gender equality by encouraging women to strive for their goals.

She said there seems to be a double standard around the word "ambition."

"When men are ambitious, it's celebrated, and when a woman is ambitious, it's a bit crass," she said.

Burch said women have come a long way but "need to come a much longer way." She said having confidence and bringing men into the conversation are vital to women's advancement.

"I think the word feminist is sometimes misused, and feminism is about equality and equal rights for women should be a given," she said. "It's not a favor. It's half the population."

Watch the full interview with Burch above. Also, see what President Donald Trump tweeted this morning about International Women's Day.

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