Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) a critic of House leadership's ObamaCare replacement plan, says there is common ground on repealing ObamaCare, but that the new bill is too much like the old.

On "Your World" today, Paul specifically pointed to the Republicans' remedy for ObamaCare's individual mandate - requiring Americans to purchase insurance or pay a penalty - as a feature with which he strongly disagrees.

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"We complained for six years about the individual mandate," Paul, an ophthalmology doctor by trade, said, calling the new legislation "a distinction without a difference."

Instead of paying a penalty to the government for not buying insurance, the American Health Care Act imposes a 30 percent surcharge on patients who allow their coverage to lapse, and then try to purchase when they become ill.

That surcharge is tacked on to their insurance bill, Paul explained.

Responding to President Trump's tweet in which Trump said he and Paul agree on ObamaCare repeal and can find common ground on replacement, Paul said he agreed.

"I agree that ObamaCare is a disaster and I agree that we should repeal it," he said, noting that those points were indeed common ground between conservatives and more moderate Republicans.

Paul said that instead of imposing a penalty of any means or subsidizing patients, offering affordable medical coverage would be the best incentive to get people to buy coverage.

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