On Wednesday, Jorge Ramos debated illegal immigration with Tucker Carlson, saying that Americans must be "tolerant" of immigrants.

Carlson pointed to Ramos' recent statement that America is "our country not theirs," and asked what he meant by that.

Ramos said America is "yours, mine and ours" and that he was referring to immigration critics who "think it is a white country," saying that such people want to "go back to 1965... with a white majority."

"This is a multiracial country and we must be tolerant," he said.

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Carlson said Ramos' statements come across as sounding like he believes Americans do not have a right to be concerned with America's "dramatic demographic change."

"Is that bigoted? It seems to me in Mexico you'd be allowed to say that," he said.

Ramos replied there is a "demographic revolution" occurring in the United States, and that immigrants contribute more to 'the system' than they withdraw.

Carlson said many Americans are concerned because of statistics like 15 percent of federal inmates being Mexican citizens.

"Why shouldn't I be allowed to say that's a problem?" Carlson asked.

"You're like Donald Trump, criminalizing the immigrant population, it is not true," Ramos responded, "97 percent [of immigrants] are good people."

When asked about Mexico's immigration system, Ramos said his home country is a "terrible example" for human rights in that way, and said America has a responsibility to always do better than the standards Mexico sets.

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