In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly said something must be done about the "treasonous" leaks that are coming out of U.S. intelligence agencies.

O'Reilly said that President Trump has been "bedeviled" by leaks since he took office, with classified information being given to the anti-Trump press.

He noted that WikiLeaks this week also released documents that allegedly reveal the "entire hacking capacity of the CIA."

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"Now, we have a growing catastrophe," O'Reilly said. "Obviously, the CIA and other intelligence agencies cannot protect their secrets."

He said he believes that Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and other leakers are "actively committing treason."

"It's apparent that the federal government does not have a handle on how to apprehend these traitors, much less stop the espionage," O'Reilly said. "Obviously, a dangerous situation."

"President Trump should order the FBI to aggressively investigate all leaks and hacks, assigning that a top priority," he said. "Americans need to know if this situation is completely out of control or what."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above, and see why O'Reilly thinks the Obama administration may have "created chaos" for the Trump White House.

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