In his opening monologue tonight, Sean Hannity called on congressional Republicans to get their act together and come to an agreement on how to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

He pointed out that House Republicans on Monday unveiled the American Health Care Act, which some on the right immediately slammed as "ObamaCare lite."

Hannity said that the bill is a "step in the right direction," but it is far from perfect and must be fixed.

He noted that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Tuesday called the act "a work in progress."

"First drafts are never perfect, always filled with errors, miscalculations," Hannity said. "Now, it's up to the Republican members of Congress to come together and fix this bill and get it right for you, the American people."

He said that to avoid a brewing "civil war" within the party, Republicans must get together and work through their issues in-person.

"Congress, remember, your jobs are on the line here," Hannity said. "But more importantly, so are the lives and the well-being of millions of Americans. You gotta get this right."

Watch more above, and see what Hannity had to say about President Trump's claims that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the Obama administration.

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