Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was a guest on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday discussing what the campaign knew and didn't know concerning President Donald Trump's allegations of wiretapping by the Obama administration.

Trump and his Cabinet have denied any contacts with Russia during the campaign, but Mook said the facts in this case paint a different picture.

"Trump aides were caught talking to Russian agents, and those conversations were captured because the intelligence community regularly taps the phone lines of those Russian agents," Mook said.

He said the real question that needs to be asked is why were Trump aides talking to Russia so much.

Mook added that the Clinton campaign was informed by the intelligence community that wiretaps of Russian agents did in fact take place.

"The whole situation is very bizarre that American campaign operatives would be going back and forth so much, not only with the Russian ambassador but other Russian agents as well," Mook said.

"The whole reason we are having this conversation is [because] the Trump campaign was talking to the Russians a lot. That's how this got picked up. We need to understand why this was happening."

Mook called for an independent, bipartisan committee to get to the bottom of this. He also said Hillary Clinton did not have any knowledge of alleged wiretapping.

Watch the full interview with Mook above.

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