Sometimes even the President of the United States needs a quick fix... 

People have pointed out on Twitter in recent days that President Trump has a habit of using Scotch tape to keep the tail of his necktie from flying around.

The taped red tie has been spotted at other times as well, including on Inauguration Day. 


Steve Doocy said this morning that this is a common practice, including in the "Fox & Friends" studio, where they use some black gaffer's tape. 


Dan Zak of The Washington Post wondered on Twitter whose responsibility it is to keep the president's tie tape handy. 

The photos have prompted the obvious question: why doesn't he use a tie clip?

The tape is continually exposed when the president goes outside and the wind blows the tie into the air. Of course, Trump could simply button his suit jacket but - as fashion writers have observed - he rarely ever does.

Watch more above. 

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