Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was among the first Democrats to speak out against President Donald Trump's revised executive order on immigration.

Similar to his comments about the original order, Schumer described the new order as a "watered-down ban" that is "un-American."

"It still attempts to turn innocent immigrants and refugees into scapegoats and still doesn't do the things that would actually make us safer like going after lone wolves and closing the loopholes in the visa waiver program," he said.

"The new executive order is still mean-spirited, misguided and in my judgment goes against what America is all about."

The revised order excludes legal permanent residents, removes Iraq from the 90-day visa ban -- though provides for enhanced security for certain individuals -- and eliminates the indefinite ban for Syrian Refugees.

The countries included in the revised order are Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Foreign nationals from these six nations who were outside the U.S. and did not have a valid visa as of 5 p.m. ET on Jan. 27, 2017, are not eligible to travel to the country, according to the new order, which goes into effect March 16.

Watch Schumer's remarks above.

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