Charles Krauthammer thinks congressional Republicans should pass an ObamaCare replacement bill while they have the power to do so.

On "Special Report" tonight, Krauthammer said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) is correct when he calls the GOP leadership's replacement plan "ObamaCare Lite."

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"I'm willing to admit it. Paul Ryan is not," Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer pointed to the trouble Republicans will encounter trying to work with centrists who are concerned about Medicaid's future while appeasing conservatives concerned with fiscal repercussions.

"You cannot retract an entitlement once it's been granted," he said, calling such a conundrum the "genius" of the left.

He referenced how post-war Republicans were clamoring for an overhaul of FDR's "New Deal", which included the new social security entitlement, but effectively punted after gaining both the Congress and the White House with President Ike Eisenhower (R).

Krauthammer said Republicans should accept the fact they will not get everything they want if they move ahead with "repeal and replace."

"Get it while you can, and worry about the rest later," he said.

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