The "Day Without Women" strike is set to take place this Wednesday, March 8, and one North Carolina school district is seeming to accommodate prospective protesters.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City school district canceled classes for Wednesday, calling it a teacher work day.

In a statement, the district said:

"While the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City schools values & supports its female employees, the decision to close schools is not a political statement. It is entirely about the safety of students & the district's inability to operate with a high number of staff absences."

Mary Lopez Carter, a county resident from a neighboring school district, joined Abby Huntsman on "Fox & Friends Weekend" Saturday to discuss this move.

"The irony is that these teachers supposedly care about our children and families and community, yet they're inconveniencing parents, especially those who have young children who legally cannot leave their children at home," Lopez Carter said.

She added that taxpayer money is allowing these teachers to take this day off. She said she is concerned that the movement could have momentum and spread to the neighboring counties.

Watch the full interview in the video above, and share your thoughts on the decision to cancel classes.

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