Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) responded to criticism of his quest to get a copy of the Republican leadership's ObamaCare replacement plan, saying he will not vote for "ObamaCare Lite."

He said the Republican Party should not act in the same way then-Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) did when she urged the passage of ObamaCare "to find out what is in it."

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Of Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-Wisconsin) purported replacement plan being worked on by GOP leadership, Paul said "I think it is ObamaCare Lite. I didn't sign on to vote for a new government program."

He said there were several reported similarities between Republicans' replacement plan and the current Obamacare law.

Those similarities included "Democrat ideas dressed up in Republican clothing" like paying an individual mandate penalty to insurance companies rather than the government.

"I think there is consensus for repeal," Paul said, "If you add replacement to it and if the replacement is ObamaCare Lite, there's not consensus."

He urged House leadership to "save embarrassment" and work with conservatives on the legislation.

Watch Paul Ryan's original comments HERE.

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