House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) reassured that Congressional Republicans are "working off the same sheet" when it comes to repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

In an exclusive interview on "Special Report", Ryan reacted to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) who told CNN that the ObamaCare replacement bill is being hidden from conservatives.

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Ryan said he likes Paul personally, but added that the Kentuckian is "looking for a publicity stunt here."

Paul categorized the bill as "ObamaCare-Lite" and said it allegedly keeps the 'cadillac tax' and transitions the individual mandate to require patients to pay insurance companies rather than the government.

"The things he described are not accurate," Ryan said.

Ryan told Bret Baier that the policy proposal being worked on is very close to previous legislation drafted by Republicans in the past.

Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price is involved in the process, which is essentially a continuation of the work he was doing as a Georgia senator before being confirmed, Ryan said.

Paul told Martha MacCallum later Friday that "I think there is consensus for repeal."

"If you add replacement to it and if the replacement is ObamaCare Lite, there's not consensus," Paul said on "The First 100 Days."

Despite the disagreement with Paul, Ryan said the main Capitol Hill "fight" will be with people who "don't want to repeal ObamaCare."

Watch the clip above and check out more from Special Report HERE.

Also, check out Rand Paul's response to Paul Ryan on "The First 100 Days" HERE.

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