Whether it's accusations of colluding with Russia or his salute of the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL, Judge Jeanine Pirro said Democrats will use whatever they can against President Trump. 

"What is so shocking about what is going on with the Democrats, whether it's [Attorney General] Sessions or the wife of the Navy SEAL, they will use anything to go after Donald Trump," she said.

Pirro said it was "disgusting" to see liberals like Michael Moore and Bill Maher bash Trump for calling attention to Ryan Owens' death. 

For this Saturday's "Street Justice" segment, Judge Pirro talked to people on the streets about the criticism from the left. 

Pirro said people were mostly "horrified" by what was said about Carryn Owens. Brian Kilmeade asked why MSNBC's Chris Matthews didn't push back on Maher and Moore's remarks.

Watch the judge's analysis of the Jeff Sessions-Russia stories above and don't miss "Justice," tomorrow at 9pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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