An Oregon judge is being accused of helping an illegal immigrant escape ICE agents through her chambers, Elizabeth MacDonald reported.

Judge Monica Herranz allegedly let Diddier Pacheco Salazar slip through a private door in her office when a courtroom staffer noticed ICE agents waiting in the hallway.

Salazar was in court on a drunken driving charge.

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The U.S. Attorney in Oregon said Herranz was "inappropriately delegitimizing the work of ICE agents."

"This is no surprise," author and commentator Mark Steyn said on "Risk and Reward," adding that such activity like the judge's is often considered socially acceptable.

"When Donald Trump ran on the issue of illegal immigration, he was running against one-and-a-half of the two political parties," Steyn said.

Steyn, who is Canadian-American, said that as a legal immigrant he can be "terrorized by the bureaucracy," compared to the "anarchic system" surrounding illegal immigration.

He said that when he was walking in the woods behind his northern New Hampshire home, an agent approached him and found he was accidentally carrying his daughter's green card instead of his own.

The agent, Steyn said, threatened to make a visit to the child's school because of the incident.

For illegal immigrants the government will instead "turn a blind eye until you kill Kate Steinle," he said.

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