An East Tennessee fast food worker is being praised after her quick thinking saved a toddler's life.

Kaela Eads was working the drive-through at Pal's Sudden Service in Bristol when a mother frantically ran up to her window with a child in her arms.

The woman told Eads, 18, that her young son was not breathing, the Bristol Herald-Courier reported.

Eads immediately jumped into action, ran outside and began performing CPR on the child.

As her compressions became tighter, Eads said she could hear faint breathing and from the corner of her eye saw an ambulance pull in.

The medic, Darrell Mears, told the paper that Eads' quick action saved the toddler's life.

Eads later said she learned her skills from a class she elected to take at her high school:

“Part of the class was doing CPR training and I always thought, I work at Pal’s, when am I going to need to use CPR?”