President Donald Trump just tweeted a photo of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer eating donuts with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling the New York Democrat a "total hypocrite."

Trump quipped that there should be an "immediate investigation" into Schumer's ties to Russia.

Schumer, who on Thursday called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, quickly responded, pointing out that the picture was taken in 2003. 

He said he'd be happy to talk about his contact with Putin "under oath," and invited Trump to do the same. 

And he added one more thing...

Hours before Sessions recused himself from investigations related to Trump campaign matters, Schumer called for a special prosecutor to investigate. 

Sessions recused himself after a report revealed that he had contact with the Russian ambassador last year and did not disclose it to senators during the confirmation process.

The former Alabama senator said the talks with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak took place in his role as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and were not related to the campaign. 

"I don't believe anybody that was in that [Senate office] meeting would have seen that I [did] one thing that was improper," Sessions told Tucker Carlson last night.

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