Charles Krauthammer said there is no question that former President Barack Obama left behind "land mines" to stymie the incoming Donald Trump administration.

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He referenced the resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.], saying that intelligence agencies did "the reverse" of what they should have when tapping into his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

"Normally when the NSA is listening in on a foreigner, they take great care to redact any American involved," he said, calling the leaks "an obvious attempt [to] spread this as widely as possible."

Bret Baier said Obama tried to narrow the scope of the NSA after the Edward Snowden incident, but later expanded their purview around election time.

Krauthammer said such a move was "the revenge of the losers," in that bureaucrats who did not like seeing Trump win left behind "land mines" for Trump officials.

These are people who "wanted to make trouble," he said.

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