It's been a jam-packed week in D.C. and Bret Baier will cover all of it tonight in an exclusive interview with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). 

Ryan will react to the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from "any existing or future investigations" regarding the 2016 presidential campaign.

Hours before the announcement, the speaker said yesterday he did not believe Sessions should take such a step.

"If he himself is a subject of an investigation, of course he would [recuse himself]. But if he's not, I don't see any purpose or reason to doing this," said Ryan, adding Democrats are "lighting their hair on fire" to draw attention to this story. 

Sessions' recusal comes as Democrats call for his resignation and for a special prosecutor to investigate the Russian interference in the election.

The attorney general told Tucker Carlson last night that a recusal is not an admission of wrongdoing, but a step taken to avoid any perception that an investigation would not be objective.

Ryan will also talk about the status of the Republicans' effort to pass an ObamaCare replacement and a tax reform package.

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