'The View's' Sunny Hostin Rails Against Trump for 'Exploiting' SEAL's Widow

Taya Kyle: Backlash to Trump's SEAL Widow Tribute 'Makes Me Sick to My Stomach'

Many liberals, including Bill Maher and Michael Moore, have blasted President Donald Trump for what they argued was his use of a Navy SEAL's widow as a political "prop."

In his address to Congress, Trump saluted Carryn Owens, whose husband, Ryan, was killed in a raid in Yemen last month. 

But one former Hillary Clinton volunteer took the criticism to another level, calling Carryn Owens an "idiot."

Dan Grilo's outrageous tweet was called out by Trump's son before his whole Twitter account was deleted.

Grilo was then fired from his job at Chicago-based Liberty Advisor Group, which wrote that the tweet was "inconsistent with the Company's values."

As it turns out, a retired Navy SEAL had written a letter to the company demanding Grilo's dismissal.

Derrick Van Orden joined "Fox & Friends" this morning, saying he felt the tweet was "beyond the pale" and it immediately garnered attention among himself and fellow veterans and current service members. 

"You do not insult our widows and expect to get away with it," he said.

Van Orden said he contacted the CEO and called him a "man of honor" after learning of Grilo's dismissal. 

He praised President Trump for the "incredibly classy" gesture and for showing the American people an example of the many Gold Star widows that are out there.

"She is a strong woman who has displayed grace in the presence of hurt. Mr. President ... you earned my respect and the respect of my fellow SEALs by doing this. And and if you need anything, you give me a ring," Van Orden said.

Van Orden said he fully expects such criticism out of Maher and Moore, calling them "agitators" and "agent provocateurs."

Check out the interview above.

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