A top Democratic senator appeared to contradict herself while going after Attorney General Jeff Sessions over a report that he met with the Russian ambassador last year, but told the Senate during his confirmation he had no such meeting.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) tweeted early Thursday that in her ten years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, she never met with Kislyak.

But following the tweet, several people pointed out that McCaskill did indeed meet with the ambassador, and also tweeted as much at the time.

Greg Gutfeld said on "America's News HQ" that McCaskill was "lost in her own self-righteous fervor to go after [President] Trump that she forgot what she said."

"It's like asking a bartender if he's been out to a bar," Gutfeld added. "He reflexively says no because that's his job."

Sessions said at his confirmation hearing that he never had contact with Russian officials in his capacity as a Trump campaign surrogate. The White House maintains Sessions' meetings with Kislyak were related to his role on the Armed Services Committee.

Democrats, however, are not buying the difference, calling on Sessions to resign and for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump campaign's connections to Russia.

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