On Wednesday, a British member of the European Parliament expressed his support for a measure that would allow the presiding officer of the body to effectively "kill" a speech they consider "racist" or "xenophobic."

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Tucker Carlson asked Labour MEP Richard Corbett what formal "standards" are in place to decide which expressions of free speech can be curtailed.

Corbett said the measure prohibits the use of "racist terms and xenophobic language." Any speech considered such will be cut short and "purged" from live and archived television, he explained.

Carlson called the move "quite draconian" and "Orwellian."

Corbett said it would protect against a member prospectively unfurling a banner demanding Jewish people be killed, but Carlson pressed further on what official standard the Parliament had set.

Corbett said a "variety of views" can be expressed, underlining that the Parliament's speaker, who is in control of the rule, is elected by members "across the [political] spectrum."

"Did anybody acknowledge that this is a totalitarian measure?" Carlson asked.

Corbett assured him that the rule would not be imposed "willy-nilly."

"Free speech continues to die a sad death on the continent that created it," Carlson remarked.

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