Wait, what?

In a hilarious clip that generated some bipartisan laughter, a reporter asked members of Congress a question fit for the red carpet. 

"Who are you wearing?!" Benny Johnson of the Independent Journal shouted to lawmakers at Statuary Hall, where President Donald Trump gave his address to a joint session.

A stunned Sen. Ted Cruz wasn't sure what to make of it as he walked away and shook his head.

Sen. Cory Booker got the joke and let out a big laugh. Sen. Bernie Sanders offered a wave and walked off. Sen. Al Franken, a former comedian, appreciated the humor, as did Sen. Ben Sasse.

"Really?" answered Sen. John Thune.

"Montana," said the state's junior senator, Steve Daines.

Those around Johnson were cracking up at the stunt as many others, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and even Supreme Court Justice John Roberts walked by. 

Watch the full clip above.

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