As we've seen in past years, the opposition party's response to a presidential primetime speech is being panned by the pundits. 

To counter President Donald Trump's first address to a joint session of Congress, the Democrats chose former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear. 

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To be fair to Beshear, similar "response" speeches to Barack Obama by Republicans Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal were met with similar criticism.

On MSNBC, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt noted that the Democratic Party is at its lowest point of power since the 1920s because of inept decisions like this one. 

"The Democratic response was made by a 72-year-old, retired two-term governor from Kentucky. Not by Kamala Harris, not by Kirsten Gillibrand, not by the Castro brothers, not by anyone who has a future in the actual Democratic Party," he said.

Rachel Maddow agreed, saying these response speeches usually end up looking "stunty and small" coming right after the President of the United States.

The "Outnumbered" hosts discussed the response and the reaction to that response this afternoon, with Meghan McCain agreeing that Beshear's address was "hard to get through."

"I was absolutely flabbergasted. It was like something out of 'South Park' it was so bad," she said, arguing that the Democrats have many talented people to deliver such a speech. 

Sandra Smith noted that if Beshear couldn't win over Maddow, then it probably wasn't a good sign for how it went over with Americans. 

Watch the discussion above and let us know what you thought. 

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