Television host Mike Rowe explained Wednesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" the importance of fixing the "skills gap" in America.

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Rowe said there are 5.6 million job openings waiting to be filled in fields that for the most part do not require a bachelor's degree.

The former "Dirty Jobs" host and QVC pitchman said he's sent letters to both former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump drawing attention to that fact.

"There's a belief ... in the country that we can cure unemployment by creating opportunity," Rowe said. "The skills gap proves that opportunity along is not enough to get people employed."

"It's a sucker's bet ... You have to be talking about jobs that are uniformly cared about," Rowe said, referencing many trades where such job openings exist.

Rowe said that taking vocational-technical training out of high school curricula helped accelerate the skills gap, in that it taught "a whole generation" that the best path to success is a college degree.

"If you really want to make America great again, you gotta make work cool again," he said.

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