Michael Moore and Bill Maher, bashed President Donald Trump for bringing out the widow of fallen Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens at his Congressional address, arguing she was used as a "prop."

Moore and Maher were guests on MSNBC's "Hardball" with Chris Matthews in the aftermath of the speech.

Matthews said he was "taken" by the standing ovation Carryn Owens received but called it "grotesque" for Trump to seemingly brag about the length of the applause.

"I wasn't crazy about the response to that," Maher said. "I wish she hadn't allowed herself to be used as his prop like that.

"And I don't see any great courage here. Where is the courage? Who wouldn't stand and applaud for a war widow?"

Moore echoed Maher's statements, saying Owens' death was the "result of a dinner Trump had with his son-in-law and a political hack," referring to Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon.

"That’s why she's there, as sort of an 'f-you' to the people who are criticizing him for this," Moore said. "And this poor woman, this widow who has lost her husband, she is in desperate grief right now.

"And to use that to put another notch on his belt -- and what is he thinking about? 'My ratings. Record Applause. I'm going to get an Emmy for this, most applause for a dead soldier on my watch!'"

"This is the sickness of this man," Moore concluded.

Not all of Trump detractors called out the president for that moment. CNN political commentator Van Jones, a very vocal critic of the president, said Trump "became President of the United States in that moment...period."

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