Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said President Trump's address to a joint session of Congress was "very different" from those given by former President Barack Obama.

Gowdy said the body of Trump's speech was consistent with the principles he ran on as a candidate, however his tone was more "persuasive and conciliatory."

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Trump has been criticized for his perceptibly harsh tone during public addresses, such as on the campaign trail.

On Trump's talk of a new executive travel ban, Gowdy said Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do on that front.

Gowdy said Trump's ban would not affect American citizens that had, for example, visited the Vatican and wanted to return home.

"But, if you're in Yemen and you never visited the United States, and you just want to meet Tim Scott, you don't have any constitutional rights," he said.

Gowdy also riffed on a group of Democrats who wore matching colors as a silent protest against Trump.

"I thought I was at a wedding for part of the night because the Democrats were dressed in white," he said.

Watch Charles Krauthammer's react to the speech as well, HERE.

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