If you follow Ann Coulter on Twitter, then you know that she was blown away by President Trump's address to a joint session of Congress.

Coulter called the address "beautiful," "flawless" and "the best speech I've ever witnessed from Washington."

On "Hannity" tonight, Coulter said people shouldn't be surprised by the speech, because Trump has been pushing the same "America first" agenda since he announced his candidacy nearly two years ago.

"It was the same message he's been giving all along, but in a proper State of the Union format," Coulter said. "And nobody else in that room - not Republicans or Democrats - could have given that speech."

She said that the address was such a "home run," in fact, that the mainstream media is trying to ignore it.

"This is what they did throughout the campaign," Coulter said. "He would give a blockbuster speech ... and their position is to just say, 'Trust us, America. You don't want to see it. It was dark, it was awful.'"

"There was nothing new here. It was a beautiful speech. He loves America. No one else could give this speech."

Watch more above, and see what Bill O'Reilly thought about Trump's address.

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